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Character Name: Aeris Gainsborough

Canon: FFVII + related canons

AU/OC/Previous Game: AU

Age: 22 (x bajillion)

Appearance: HERE IS A CUTE PICTURE!!!1

References Link:

Character Info:
SO FINAL FANTASY VII is a game about ecoterrorists saving the world! The world itself is a bit gritty city a bit fantastical and there's magic and evil corporations and the Planet is alive and bleeds magic, essentially. Aeris is the last of her kind - a shamanic Planet talking hippie bunch known as Cetra - and spent part of her early life in a crazy lab run by sketchy people. After that she grew up in the slums with an awesome mom. Eventually she met a suave dude named Zack Fair and they started dating and then he wandered off and died. Skip forward some time where a guy named Cloud falls through her roof and pretty much has a lot of Zack's mannerisms but well, isn't Zack. She joins Cloud's little adventure band towards saving the world (defeating evil corporations, defeating evil evils and so forth and so on). Eventually some asshole summons a meteor to crash into the world and create some kind of crazy megadeath and Aeris tries to summon Holy to stop it this gets her shanked.

And it is in this moment that Aeris makes a pact with the Planet. In return for her service the Planet would give her the power to ~save the world~. The Planet, getting rather tired of people poking and prodding it and trying to blow it up thought MAN THIS IS A GREAT IDEA and agreed. It took a while for Aeris to get all re-balanced with this new info and linked-to-planet-ness but after that she was ready to go and together with the Planet's power flipped that meteor right back into space and walloped some bad guys. After that there was healing up the Planet wounds and so forth and so on.

For years after that there were some flares of people trying to be dicks to the Planet in which a ~mysterious young woman dressed in pink~ would show up and kick them in the face, basically. She's cited all through the rest of the world's history, showing up to take names and kick ass. Kind of like March of the Ents on Isenguard only an adorable young woman instead. Sometimes she does bring Tree Friends though, that just happens. But, eventually, Planets are done existing. They've run their course of life and slowly shut down and become floating rocks in space. In this time it got pretty lonely, as people also were dying and running away from the sun going out and the Planet's own life going down and there was nothing left to eat and it sucked quite a lot actually. Being pretty benevolent and linked to the Planet's desires Aeris had the option of purging the hell out of those remaining pockets of humans or not. It was a pretty rough choice! But they were using the last of the Planet's resources so they kind of had to go. There wasn't a lot of time left for humanity then ayway, bbbut it was not a very easy or nice choice for her. Then it was just sitting around waiting for the Planet to die bbbbasically.

This Aeris has had a lot of years to mellow out. She's had a lot of experience to mellow her out. It's pretty apparent in Final Fantasy BC to AC that dying and being part of the Lifestream in canon mellows her as well so there's no reason why being a Planet guardian wouldn't do the same. She's seen a lot of shit. Endless amounts of humanity shit. And she hasn't acquired any . . . hhhate for people but there's a certain part of her that is just not surprised when people do awful shit because people do awful shit and I guess it is more accurate to say she's disappointed in them. There's no reason why they can't not do stupid shit!1

She still has most of her personality in tact. She's warm and friendly. She comes off as gentle but has a backbone of steel and when push comes to shove she will shove hard. She is more of a doer than a waiter but she isn't overly rude and pretty aware of social spheres. Being a guardian has really also given her a bit of a 'sometimes you have to wait and let them make stupid choices before punching them in the face' attitude. You can't just fix everything immediately because that can cause a cascade of terrible shit.

She will be pretty resigned about this whole Thusia thing. Nnnot necessarily "man I would side with nature" but "I did make a pact with my Planet to stop people from fucking it up are you telling me this Thusia thing doesn't have a high likelihood of fucking up I am just saying!"  She loves people! But after her pact she is infinitely more aligned with a world need than an individual need. Though it really depends on how she gets along with the nature gods and Thusia nature in general as she doesn't owe this planet any particular loyalty.

There is a thin layer of slight crazy and sure did wipe out the last bits of humanity to give my Planet some extended life that one time wrapped up under her pact with Planet but you'd have to dig pretty far to find it. It's unlikely to rear its head as she is just. Well! She will Aeris along and be friendly and so forth and so on.

Pings:   Aeris has a HEFTY Planet/Earth/Naturey ping but they aren't local to Thusia but specific to her own Planet shindig.  And she has a lot of HOLY ping up in here too.  Beyond that there is a more ambiguous sort of ping - a lotttt like the Fate/Servant pings but not quite the same!

Items Brought In: HER STAFF! And the symbolic Holy Materia which is actually not necessary after her pact with the Planet but it has sentimental value okok.

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